Opera Tavern

I hate staying in.

Once in a while is fine, maybe once every two weeks or so I can handle. But staying in every night… I know I amuse myself but that’s just too much! Plus, if I stayed in every night I’d be a seriously boring blogger.

I like to try new places with interesting foods. B and I decided to seek out food in Covent Garden. It’s so pretty at Christmas time, buskers sing and play the trumpet to Christmas songs while people pour out of pubs and restaurants in a blast of heat wearing cosy winter clothes. The streets are cold and crisp, the cobbles glisten, and then you have the decorations. The windows are fogged up with condensation and decorated with tinsel, fake snow and the cutest little displays. Links has the most adorable window display.

Rudolph. He’s here every year to welcome you to the main square with pride.

We walked the streets for a bit, taking in the atmosphere before stumbling upon a little pub/restaurant that looked suitably warm and cosy. My kind of evening restaurant for the winter has dimmed lighting and candles on every table, the sort of place you can unwrap yourself from the layers of wool and fur that you’ve been wearing and settle down with a big glass of wine.

Welcome to the Opera Tavern.

All you have to see are the front door handles to know that this is the sort of place that does everything to perfection. Two large pigs trotters welcome you through into the warm bar area. There’s a restaurant upstairs, but unless you’re with a big group of people I’d sit downstairs to make the most of the atmosphere. I was too engrossed in the food to take many pictures of the place, but there are a few snaps on the website (click the link above).

We had three Tapas dishes;

Mini Ibérico Pork and Foie Gras Burger (better known as heaven in a bun)

Three Manchegos with Quince (there was definitely NOT enough of the Quince, it was incredible)

Pan-Fried Wood Pigeon Breast with Pickled Pear, Fried Scamorza and Sweet Onion

Although the portions were quite small, it didn’t matter. The food was so good and left you feeling fresh, not too full and not hungry. The perfect balance. We washed it all down with a bottle of El gaitero cider for B, and a glass of white wine for me.

The pudding menu didn’t grab either of us so we went on the hunt for ice cream. Haagen Dazs, Leicester Square.

Four pots each. Ice cream with hidden gems underneath, raspberries, brownie, cookies, syrup, just amazing.

Now you see it…

Now you don’t.

Food heaven, and I never knew it existed!