From Portobello to Paradise

On Sunday we decided to have a final lunch in London to say “see you in six months!” (I’m off on my next adventure but that’s another story.) My Dad’s cousin Josie booked a table at a restaurant in Kensal Green so before lunch we popped over to Portobello market to work up an appetite.

If I had asked for the weather to be perfect that day, it couldn’t have done a better job. Bright blue sky and autumn sunshine framed the stalls and shops and golden trees lined the roads.

Mr Chaplin was getting a bit flirty. while my Mother and Josie were lapping it up.

B got distracted by vintage style rugby balls.

And we both got distracted by the smell of pancakes.

Banana and Nutella, YES PLEASE!

We both got told of by my Mother for eating before lunch. Will that always happen, no matter what age you are?

After buying a few presents for friends, it was time for lunch.

Let’s step into Paradise.

The place is never-ending and I already have it set aside for an event I have coming up next year. It’s full name is Paradise by way of Kensal Green and it could possibly be the most incredible place I’ve seen for a very long time. Every room has a story and on every wall a face watches you whether it be a pheasant, portrait, cheater or stag. All of the rooms lead into one another with an effortless twist and between you and me I think the walls have seen more between them than you and I can imagine in a lifetime.

Paradise has been used for events, photo shoots, weddings and parties for years. I urge you to go and sample the delights, you will not be disappointed. Just be aware that there’s a charge on the door after 10pm on Friday (£4) and on Saturday after 9pm (£5).

If you don’t go to see what it’s like, then go for the food. Go for the food anyway, you’d be missing out on life if you didn’t.

Roast Lamb.

Roast Suckling Pig.

Butternut Squash.

Roast Beef.

They give you endless refills of water infused with cucumber –  makes it exceedingly crisp and incredibly refreshing.

We very nearly passed on pudding as the roasts were enormous. Thank the Paradise Heavens we ordered one to share instead.

Chocolate brownie with banana ice cream on a bed of ground pistachios and caramelised bananas smothered in caramel sauce.

And we scraped the plate.