Breakfast at Tom’s

My mother asked me if she could meet B.

It took me a few days to reply to her, not because I didn’t want her to meet B but because to me that’s a big deal. It’s not that I didn’t think she wouldn’t love B (how could she not?!) but I don’t really introduce people to my parents. It’s never gone too smoothly if I’m honest, so I just don’t do it. If you knew my Dad, you’d probably understand.

After eventually agreeing and B being totally cool about the whole situation it was the next step to find somewhere suitable for the meeting to take place. Cue frantic texts to friends for good breakfast places (if the introduction failed, at least we could talk about food right?!)

My lovely friend Rob suggested a place called Tom’s in Westbourne Grove. It couldn’t have been more perfect.

Greeted by the smell of fresh orange juice, cold meats, hot coffee and the most gorgeous colours. It was like a foodies heaven!

Is your mouth watering yet?

If that wasn’t enough, there’s a Deli downstairs selling food to take away with you…

 There’s no booking system so you have to wait ten minutes or so to be seated, but the staff are so lovely and offered us tea and coffee while we waited.

The whole place reminds me of a Circus or a land invented for kids (of any age) it’s just so colourful and pretty…

And then came the food…

Eggs Benedict.

Egg scramble with smoked salmon.

And for my sweet tooth…

Banana bread French toast with caramelised bananas and mixed berries.

As if that wasn’t enough, we were tempted by some of the cold meats.

Okay so we were tempted by ALL of them but look.. they were sooo good!

“But” I hear you say “What happened, with your mum and B?!”

She loved him.

He went to a Grammar School, was a straight A student and got a first in Politics at Uni, that’s pretty much all she needed to know. That, and the fact that he’s basically the male version of me – although that may not be a good  thing.

We rolled cruised along Portobello road after breakfast to burn off some of the calories.

Scroll back up. Yes, that is a Ferrari Smart Car.

When we’d found enough bargains, I took B and my mother for some Bubble Tea.

I discovered Bubble Tea in Malaysia, I’d seen tourists walking around London with cups of this strange bubbly stuff before I went away but only sampled the delights for myself a few months ago.

It’s a bit like Marmite. Neither B nor my mother were terribly keen. Either way, don’t judge before you try some for yourself. Pop along to one of the Bubbleology branches and grab a pint of it, just click here to find one.

The whole place is so nerdy it’s cool.

Ta-da! A mocha Bubble Tea just for me. The ‘bubbles’ are actually tapioca balls and are sometimes known as ‘pearls’ or ‘boba’, the best way to describe them is that they’re like a little jelly ball. I’m a fan.

We all had a lovely day and I couldn’t have hoped for a better introduction to my mum.

Well done B!

 Now to meet my Father…