Kek Lok Si Temple

Breakfast was a traditional feast of baozi. Little buns filled with meat or curry, served warm. They are yummy! I had a mushroom baozi and two chicken and veg, perfect start to the day!

After breakfast, we went along to the Kek Lok Si Temple. The biggest, most grand temple I’ve ever been to. You trek up the hill and the steps get steeper and steeper, until you come across a random pond after loads of little market stalls either side of the walkway. The pond is filled with turtles (there were definitely quite a few tortoises in there too) sadly though, there are so many that they are piled on top of each other. The pond is called the ‘Liberation Pond’ and in Buddhist tradition, locals release the turtles into the pond to set them free. Unfortunately, it’s not the best way they could go about it.

The temple is painted, so that it’s extremely bright and colourful. It’s also still growing, and people still use it daily to pray.

I know, my outfit matches the rest of the scenery. Not intentional.

The grounds are kept in exceptional condition, I’m just about ready to move into this place to be honest.

The noise of the jungle mixed with the echoes of prayer, equals an incredible soundtrack to walk around to.

I love the fact that the monks still help out with the buildings, and hand paint the walls.

When we’d hiked all the way back down the mountain (yeah, well, it FELT like a mountain) Chee gave me some sugar cane. Before handing it to me, she told me it tastes like grass. Really sold that one, thanks.

It didn’t taste like grass, it was THE most refreshing drink and the most interesting thing I’ve ever drunk out of a plastic bag. The sugar cane is sweet, the association with grass is evident though (not that I’ve ever tasted grass…ehem… that would just be weird…) I guess the way to describe it is a refreshing fibre drink?! Ok, you’ll just have to try it for yourself some time!

Sugar cane plant.

Some sea coconuts.

The sugar cane is mushed into a pulp.

Then blended and poured into a plastic bag with some ice, simple.

We stopped by, for some duck rice on the way home.

Little bowls of clear soupy deliciousness made from the juice of the duck. Yummy.

It wasn’t just duck, there was pork too (Don’t tell anyone but the pork was my favourite). I’m going to find the recipe for it as it was honestly the most incredible pork I’ve ever tasted, ever. Succulent pork, with a thin layer of fat on the top grilled to crispyness and topped with rock salt and pepper. Just look at it to understand…

And noodles. Because, well, it would be rude not to.

Home called for something sweet, and incredibly different to anything I’ve ever tasted.


Yeah, so it looks like the offspring of a naked mole rat crossed with Tweety Pie and has the strongest smell ever.

 Just think of it like Marmite, you either love it or hate it…