Just call me Mowgli

I love the jungle, something draws me to it. Don’t ask me what. Knowing my family, I was probably dragged out of a pack of wolves when I was a baby and thrown into my family. I probably would have had a better chance with the wolves.

On possibly the most beautiful day I experienced in Malaysia, John, Chee and I set off on the Jungle trail towards Monkey Beach. We signed in at a little desk on the edge of the trail just in case we wondered off and got lost in the jungle, they would know if we were still there past 6pm.

We walked along a carefully manicured path way, next to the beach and passed a few tourists here and there. After a while, the manicured pathway ended and we found ourselves walking along a well-trodden path beside the sea.

The well-trodden-path was replaced by a trail, a dirt track at times but we scrambled over rocks and under fallen trees fighting our way through the jungle. Crickets screamed in the trees, and the ferns moved of their own accord, as if they were waving to us.

At some point, the trees separated and we stumbled upon a beach. A monkey was perched on a tree, screeching a little welcome to us from above.

Once again we met jungle, at the other end of the beach, and continued our trek. The scenes were incredible, noises that seem like background noise on documentaries seemed as though they were screaming in your ears. It’s a bizarre feeling, the most quiet, isolated place, yet noisier than the city. Trees bigger than any you can imagine, with trees and ferns growing out of them. Mangoes torn apart and thrown on the ground by the monkeys and water cutting through the rocks making a a bid for freedom to the sea.

A sign appeared before us…

No, the jungle is not getting to me. Thank you.

I mean a  real sign…

Walking down a (slightly) better maintained walkway, we came to Monkey Beach. I was back in Thailand, a completely deserted beach lay before us and a beautifully calm bay.

We were hailed over by a family offering us fresh coconut and hot tea, I couldn’t think of anything worse than more heat in this weather but I’ll take a fresh coconut with ice please!

Chee chatted away to the owner, while his wife and daughter made our drinks for us.

When we had refreshed ourselves with our drinks, we strolled along the beach looking for shells and wandered back through the jungle.

There were quite a few little shadows following us…

A little Buddha tucked into a tree waved us on, back towards civilisation.

At that point, like a true Malay I was thinking of my stomach. Food.

It didn’t take us long to find another of Chee’s favourite eating places and we sat down to a feast, did you expect anything less?

Pickle, a huge tangy mix of flavours with a satisfying crunch.

Cuttlefish – love this!

The most incredible chicken I’ve ever tasted, marinated in a BBQ style sauce. Definitely not good for you, or me for that matter.

Spicy Ladies fingers.

It was home to shower, and rest our aching feet after that. I took myself off to the beach to spend the rest of the day reading on a rock looking out to sea and going for a dip whenever it got too hot.