Welcome to Thailand!

I know, I know. I broke a promise. I had said I would keep everyone updated on my travels and I’ve now been in Thailand for 12 days and have kept quiet. Sorry, again.

I had a completely stress free journey to Thailand, thanks to the wonderful Amy at Round The World Experts who organised all my flights for an unbeatable price. (Highly recommend them!)

I have never packed so lightly in my life and had to undergo hundreds of questions at baggage check in as she couldn’t understand how I only had 9kg of luggage for a month (I know, I was shocked too!) However once she finally believed that I just couldn’t carry any more, I was on my way. I travelled London Heathrow to Qatar (6 hours), Qatar to Bangkok (6 hours, sleeping all the way) then Bangkok to the island of Koh Samui. I was met by the most lovely little airport I’ve ever seen!

If you ever find yourself in Koh Samui airport, make a point of using the facilities. I didn’t, and apparently the walls in the loo are fish tanks!

After collecting my vintage military backpack (yes, vintage. Not old), I managed to find my way to a taxi to drive me to the ferry port. Arriving there in time for my ferry with no dramas and feeling pretty happy with myself I thought ‘so far, so good!’

I experienced my first Thai sunset as we crossed the sea from Koh Samui to Koh Phangan.

Finally I finished the first step of my travelling and was looking forward to dumping my bags, taking a nice long hot shower and chilling with two of my best friends.

No such luck.

I walked for miles, got lost and eventually found where I was meant to be.

Looking up at a beautiful hotel, I dumped my bags on the dusty road and stood in awe. A familiar voice called from behind me, snapping me out of my day dream and I spun round to see the two beautiful faces of two of my best girlfriends. The sun had turned them both a gorgeous brown and they were glowing! Grabbing my bags they turned away from the hotel I had been staring at and started up the road, I looked after them confused and realised with a pang that we weren’t to be staying here after all.

They trekked up into the Thai jungle in silence and I trailed behind in a mixture of confusion and exhaustion.

Eventually we reached this.

Realisation dawned on me that this was where I was to be spending my first nights in Thailand.

A little voice popped up in my head at that moment (a VERY little voice) “I can totally do this…”