The last supper

As quickly as it started, our island dream was coming to a close. However, we weren’t going to let our last day/night slip by without some sort of celebration.

We canoed from the Green Bay, and out towards the right of it. Suddenly realising we would be too tired if we went all the way around, we swung our boats around and headed left towards a small beach reachable only by sea. Polly and Tobi took one boat, Harrie and I the other. You’re looking at the next Olympic champs guys, they may as well hand over the gold now…

The beach was practically untouched, white sand, crystal clear water and completely empty. I took a waterproof disposable camera with me to capture it all, but haven’t had the pictures developed yet. When they are, I’ll put them up!

After that, we spent the rest of the day soaking up the sun. When it was starting to get dark, we decided to run some errands that needed seeing to before the girls went back to England.

First stop, the beauty parlour. We had some waxing done and I swear, never again. It was the most traumatic experience of my life.

Polly’s face says it all really…

The girls all decided they were rather hungry after that, so we found a little place on the beach to eat.

I was still too traumatised to eat so thought I would numb the feeling instead, helped by a Pina Colada.. in a coconut.

After the empty hole was filled with food, and alcohol, we went to get ready for the night.

It would have been wrong, if we didn’t pay a proper visit to our dear friends Slinky and Woody before we left.

I quickly forgot about the trauma I had been through and just as quickly found my hunger, so visited my favourite little man for some chips.

And the party continued…

The next day, we woke (feeling surprisingly fresh), packed, and headed to the beach.

We paid our last respects to the island, giggled at tourists that took their photography so seriously and worshipped the last of the suns rays.

I don’t like to say goodbye. Goodbye’s are so final, as though you’ll never see the person again, so I just don’t say it. I exchanged a bundle of ‘see you later’s’ with all the friends we had met, and that was it. We were off. The last views I captured of the island looked like this…

The rest of the journey was a blur, I fell asleep on H’s lap on the top deck with the sun beating down and the gentle rocking of the boat keeping me in the land of slumber.