The deserted beach.

Chee had told me, in email correspondence, before I arrived in Penang that the beach was nothing special and in fact wasn’t very nice. I told her it didn’t matter, that I had seen plenty of beaches in Thailand to keep me happy for a while. Even so, as it was so close to the house (you can hear the waves when you sit in the garden) I thought I would wander down to take a look.

My theory was proven, that Chee has extremely high standards when it comes to beaches. 

It was beautiful. And you know the best thing about it? Completely deserted. 

I found a suitable rock to sunbathe on and made myself comfy!

To my left was an expanse of deserted beach, to my right, the rocks piled high.

I heard a noise and suddenly looked up, a Malay local came scrambling over the rocks looking at the sky as he went. ‘It’s gonna rain miss, heavy rain, need to get undercover’ I nodded in agreement.

I blinked, and the clouds rolled in.

I stood under a tree, using the canopy as a shelter. As quickly as it started, the rain stopped and all was calm again. The sun didn’t come back out after that.

I trundled back to the house, picked up my book and sat on the porch. The rain came back and I spent the afternoon immersed in a Nicholas Sparks classic, curled up, with the rain hammering down around me. Lightening flashing against the clouds, and thunder banging in them, I was completely content.