Manay Resort

Our backpacks were again hauled onto our backs, I shrugged off the blackening bruise on my hip and away we went again. Up another mountain.

The heat was beating down and we were all sweating. Swerving through the winding streets, past people offering to help us in more ways than one, we eventually found what was to be our home for the next week.

Maney Resort.

A scattering of wooden huts hammered into the hillside, with the most incredible view of both sides of the island. On one side, what I called the blue bay. On the other, the green bay.

Although it was a similar story to the last accommodation, a hut in the middle of the Jungle, it couldn’t have been more different. We had three beds that joined together to make the biggest bed I’ve ever seen, with individual mosquito nets and believe it or not AIR CON! We even had a TV, not that we put it on once while we were there.

The only downside was the hike up the side of the hill to get there, with small legs we struggled every time. We got fitter, but never got used to it.

We navigated our way to our little hut dodging past giant centipedes, bull frogs, butterflies and monkeys which seemed to like our balcony a little too much.

I must explain now, that Thai toilets are a wonder in themselves. Sometimes you flush them with a bucket of water, others are literally holes in the floor to do your business. I know it’s not very English to talk of such things, but we were very thankful that we had a flushing loo this time.

The bathroom was a slight surprise, we knew our hut was built into the side of the mountain, but we hadn’t thought the mountain would be built into the hut as well.

It was, like most Thai bathrooms, extremely basic.

If you stood on the rock however, under the shower and closed your eyes, you could almost pretend you were a mermaid washing under a fresh water waterfall. (I have a vivid imagination, in case you haven’t gathered by now.)

On the first night, we all climbed into our beds like little princesses, said our good-nights and fell sound asleep.  Except it didn’t go that smoothly. I woke suddenly in the middle of the night to a loud shriek from the bed next to me. I sat up and turned to Harrie while she struggled to get her words out, “Katie, Katie, there’s a cockroach in my bed!” Still half asleep I mumbled that there was nothing I could do and rolled over. Two seconds later, something spat on me. It was cold and wet and I turned back to Harrie, we were both slightly worked up from our horrible experiences so pushed our beds together and slept side by side. Adamant that this would stop any pesky wild cockroaches or spitters.

At least it set our minds to rest and we fell into a deep sleep, once again. In the morning we woke up to gorgeous sunshine, forgetting all that had happened that night.