I could smell it before I knew we were there. Bangkok, or more accurately the Khaosan Road. We arrived hot, groggy, moody and I couldn’t hear a thing.

I’d been suffering with my ears since Ibiza. The insides had swollen almost shut, because of all the water that had got inside. I took ear drops religiously for them, but it made no difference. How can you go swimming and not swim underwater..? It’s the whole point to pretend you’re a mermaid…or maybe that’s just me…

Anyway, so now I was deaf and in the craziest place I’d ever visited. After we’d finally sorted out our room, and I’d thrown back a cocktail of pain killers in the hope that just one might bring back my hearing, we headed out for food.

The girls and I didn’t say one word to each other as we left the hotel, in search of somewhere to eat. Finally finding a little place at the side of the road, we perched ourselves at a shared wooden table and tried to get comfy on the plastic seats. It’s our natural instinct to be intuitive. If we don’t like a person, we know within the first 10 or so minutes of meeting them. That same intuitiveness came out in Bangkok,  I knew as soon as I got off the plane I wouldn’t like it.

Craving the fresh island air, I looked up at the sky. Not a star in sight, just thick dark clouds. I suddenly realised everyone was looking at me around the table, there was a waiter standing there. I mumbled my order, he didn’t hear me. The problem with losing your hearing suddenly, is that you have no concept of how loud you are to other people. I tried again and he must have caught my drift.

The owner of the restaurant was also somewhat of a magician, he introduced himself as Max. For 10 or so minutes Max helped cheer us up a bit, I have to admit I was pretty impressed. He asked me to choose a card from the pack and write my name on it, I did. He took the card back and tore a corner off it, he then made the corner disappear and asked me to check my pockets. He looked puzzled when I pulled out my pockets, to show the rest of the table there was nothing there. In a light bulb moment, he asked me to grab a lime from the fruit bowl on the bar. I did, and was handed a knife. He proceeded to ask me to cut up the lime, unbelievably I pulled out a folded up piece of paper. Unravelling it in disbelief, I put it to the corner of the card. Perfect match.

The girls left for England early the next morning after breakfast, and I went back to the room to shower and dress. After hearing a couple of knocks on the door, I opened it to see Lee and Graham standing there. I couldn’t be happier to see them, Bangkok was not the sort of place I wanted to be on my own for longer than I had to.

We spent the day wandering the streets, Graham went for a nap in the room, Lee and I sat by the Koi pond, relaxing and catching up. Lee left that night, and Graham early the next morning.

I was alone in Bangkok. I couldn’t be more thankful that we’d picked a nice hotel, with a pool on the roof. I spent all the time I could by that pool, the only time I left was to visit the MBK centre or to get food.

I spent the day I was alone at the MBK centre, shopping. I picked up an extremely bling phone cover and a new camera,  total amount spent = £80.

After a few days, it was time to heave on the backpack once again, and move on to the next place.

I don’t really know what to say, Thailand has been an incredible experience with amazing people. I’ll leave you with this instead.

A poem by my lovely friend James Williams – find his page here.


After experiencing the best four weeks of my life
Having to say goodbye to this place cuts as deep as a knife
What started as the wild bunch of twelve dreaming of sunshine
Has ended up with me in the airport alone reflecting on our time
Beginning in Bangkok trekking down the seedy Khaosan Road
Where tuk tuk drivers offer you lifts to take off your heavy load
Witnessing a ping pong show with my very own eyes
I couldn’t take it seriously as much as the performer tries
“Would you like to buy a suit” or the shouts of “THAI MASSAGE” all throughout the street
I couldn’t escape quick enough while trying to shuffle my feet
Next stop was the Impact Arena for Sensation White
I can safely say the crew came together to make it an unbelievable night
On each others shoulders living it up as V.I.P 
Making the official videos just topped it off for me
Flying out to Laos to check out the hype behind tubing in the river
Seeing our mates nose after getting hit with a glass bottle was enough to make you shiver
The best day sessions were held here everyday
Swinging in the water off ropes, dancing on tables, we didn’t care if people got in our way
All the while wondering to myself, how is this legal when people drown?
Well it turns out two days after we left, it isn’t & the authorities closed it down
Chiang Mai was the next place to visit on our trip
Having a journey from hell, but at least we managed to catch up on some kip
It made it all worthwhile on our very first day
Riding elephants, white water rafting, playing with tigers, I was lost for words to say
Onwards & upwards again as on our travels we went
Making our way to Koh Samui where another unreal week was spent
Most of our time here we were found in the Ark Bar where we lost the plot
Especially when the DJ dropped ‘tongue’, we’d give it all we’ve got
Take us to Green Mango & stick us up on that stage
Where dignity’s were lost & we all forgot our age
Going to the world famous Nikki Beach & taking in the views
Exploring the island like Hells Angels on peds is how we’d cruise
When the darkness was setting in we made our way to Koh Phangan
Joined by added recruits we were known as the crazy gang
Bars aligned the beach selling buckets & balloons
Everyone reuniting in celebration of the full moon
There was a designated sleeping area that we laughed at as we walked past
Not thinking for a moment me & Ben would be found there last
After the sun had rose & the madness had to end
We had to say goodbye to more friends, it was starting to become a trend
Because Phi Phi Island was our next stop
Hearing so many good reports about it, I hoped it wouldn’t flop
It didn’t disappoint, exceeding all expectations & then some
If this is what heaven feels like then kill me now, I’ve had my fun
Not a tuk tuk in sight, no roads & hardly any Thai’s
For the first time in my life to see paradise, I didn’t have to close my eyes
Chilling out at our infinity pool or on the golden beach
When we were working on percentages it’s here I reached my peak
On the night time the tranquillity would suddenly come to an end
And planned out quiet nights, you’d end up round the bend
Just when you think life can’t get better than this the bar gets raised again
And what once felt like a normal life back in the UK seemed so plain
We booked a day trip & off we went on a boat trip to view the place
Stopping off at monkey island & watching one give another oral with a shocked look on my face
We jumped in our kayaks where the waters were crystal clear
Not a worry in my mind, I didn’t care if sharks were near
Putting on our snorkels & exploring what was around
The fish & things we saw down there, I was glad we had found
Breathtaking moments were happening all of the time
But it was our next port of call that was a favourite of mine
To Maya Bay we went, where ‘The Beach’ was made
Any issues I ever had in life, well it was here that they would all fade
This was the true taste of paradise I’d always been searching for
And now I’ve experienced this, I know that I want more
Making our way back to Phi Phi reminiscing on our trip
We all agreed it was one we were glad we didn’t skip
Most nights began playing beer pong in Banana Bar
And with my tag team champion partner, you know who you are
Then we made our way to Slinky & bars on the beach
Watching the Thai equivalent to White Chicks ‘Latrell’ dance, asking if he could teach
The music & the vibes all round were nothing short of the best
And when I decided to get up naked on the totem pole my balance was put to the test
The stories of Cinderella, Doug & Patty, & the rest, as there was a lot
And the friends we made along the way, you will never be forgot
Leaving my place of paradise was one of the hardest things I had to do
But with every new adventure taken, every stories new
So the remaining four of us went to Phuket to see what it was about
Well as soon as I got there, I soon wanted out
Getting pestered once more if we wanted massage, tuk tuks, suits or food
It’s funny at first but after coming from Phi Phi, it soon put me in a mood
After the first night there we had to wave off another two
The four week hangover starting to creep in, I was starting to feel blue
We couldn’t leave the place without experiencing one night out
Although taking it on only drinking water was maybe a bad shout
You felt like a celebrity in every bar you went
Thai women trying to grab you, wanting all your money spent
Looking around & seeing old men with girls young enough to be their granddaughters
It made you question everything, it was like throwing lambs to the slaughter
We soon made our way back home while taking in the sights
Where the realisation started setting in that tomorrow was the day of our flights
The saying of the holiday was “good times with good peeps” but thats far from the truth
Because what we have now is friends & memories for life & our photos are living proof
All I can say is that Thailand it has been an absolute pleasure
These days will be remembered for life & ones that I will always treasure
All good things must come to an end or so people say
But I really hope we are all reunited if only for a day
I keep having to tell myself that this isn’t goodbye, it’s I’ll see you soon
Because you will all be remembered by me every time I see a half or full moon