A trip to Tesco

Ok, I know what you’re thinking. She’s finally lost the plot (that went along time ago for me), she’s writing about silly little mundane things now like going to Tesco. I thought that too, at first. But, the truth is, a trip to Tesco here is like stepping into a wonderful little market, filled to the brim with colourful goodies screaming out to be made into yummy things. I won’t show you yet, but you’ll see.

In the morning, Chee and I popped along to a little expat market held in one of the grand hotels. Afterwards, we strolled along the beach admiring the grounds of the hotel.

We drove to Tesco after that… I promised I wouldn’t disappoint!

Mushrooms, and sugars and noodles, in all different colours, shapes and sizes!

Pasta shaped brightly coloured things, that you fry, and grow to 5x their original size. A bit like prawn crackers.

Sugar that looks like semi-precious rocks.

Dried fish stomachs. Yes, we did buy it… and I WILL try it!

Hundreds of different types of tofu, a staple in the Asian diet.

Banana flowers, the leaves/petals are pulled apart (a bit like an artichoke) and used in salads.

Chillis! Another staple, always order a glass of milk with your food!

I was starving by the end of the shop, my mouth has never watered that much in a supermarket EVER.

John and Chee currently have some friends staying with them while they finish their house, and Roselyn is the most incredible cook. However, after the supermarket trip we decided we all needed some food fast.

A tradition in Malaysia is to have huge places, where people can eat and meet. If you hadn’t guessed by now, they love to eat (I fit right in). These areas are normally a big concrete floor, with a tin roof and lots of little stalls facing into the middle where tables and chairs are spread out. You walk round, order what you want, and they bring it to your table. I let the ladies order, still a newbie you see!

Chinese salad, I was a little confused too.

“Not much veg in that” I said.
“It’s a different kind of salad”
“ahh ok”

The rule in Malaysia is to try the food, before asking what it is. Honestly, it does help, otherwise I would have been more hesitant with all the foods I had.

The white bits on top are Jelly Fish. Surprisingly crispy, and actually quite tasty! Oh, they put peanuts in everything too. If you’re allergic, stay clear of Malaysia.

Soya milk, an acquired taste, but helps with the Chilli!

Tofu, sausages, and mini prawn fritters (with Chilli sauce)

Noodles with tofu, chicken, fish…oh, and Chilli (you get the idea).

Full and tired, we drove home. Only to open all the shopping bags and start drooling, again!