A quick tour of the island

The travelling obviously got to us. We made it up for breakfast at 10.30 for a welcoming meal of eggs, cooked as we pleased, with two slices of toast, butter and jam and either tea or juice to accompany. I would later on swap the resorts ‘continental breakfast’ for banana and Nutella pancakes.

After breakfast we rolled on back to bed, and roughly three hours later we reappeared after having donned bikinis and little else to explore the island.

I told you I’d take you with me and I try not to break a promise, where it can be helped!

We strolled down to find the beach, picking up some much needed refreshments along the way. The entire island, decorated with little bits and pieces here and there to remind you that you’re in a small slice of paradise. Even the little elephants, holding the lights up, glinted in the sun as a small gesture of welcome.

I have a lot of respect for these women. While I sweat away in little more than a bikini, they are fully clothed and carry umbrellas. Asking to be a human greenhouse if you ask me.

We walked along the beach for a bit when we reached it, until we decided to soak up the surroundings with a little ‘welcome’ drink. Polly had her preferred Thailand tipple, a good sturdy Chang Beer. Whilst I tried a ‘Phi Phi Princess’, when in Rome on Phi Phi eh? Harrie had a strawberry fruit shake.


I couldn’t tell you what was in it, but it tasted good.

We sipped our drinks and lay back in the gorgeous sun admiring the beautiful beach. Does it get any better?

We spent the rest of the day’s daylight wandering aimlessly along the beach. 

The sunset didn’t disappoint. And yes, the red sky is in the shape of a heart. It seemed appropriate for such an accommodating island.

We decided (as if we hadn’t been pampered enough) that we all deserved a treat, so went and had fish pedicures. It was the strangest experience of my life. They scrubbed our feet 3 times to ensure they were thoroughly clean, then asked me to plaster up my cuts from my flip flops “In case the fish take a fancy to the blood and get a bit excited.” Great. How reassuring.  

Yes, that is a smile through gritted teeth.

I curled my toes up, so they couldn’t swim between them.

After feeding the fish with the lovely dead skin off our feet, we went in search of our own food. 

We stopped at a little food place next to the ‘road’ (There are no roads on Phi Phi, it’s more of a walkway) the girls had pancakes (yeah they really are that good) and I had a chicken sandwich.

We took notice of the sign and decided that one cocktail each would be enough. (who were we to say no, they were only £2.50 each!)

Taking our food, we were welcomed into Carlito’s Bar opposite the little food place and sat down on the lovely cushioned benches.

I had Sex on The Beach, obviously.

After that, we burnt off our food on the walk back home. I found out what it was that was spitting on me that night, the air con system.