The Tribe

My family like to party. A lot. It’s just something we do. So, when Matthews Junior sent me a text saying “I’m throwing a party” I immediately replied “I’ll be there.”

You see, I have three siblings. You add up all those years and that’s a lot of parties, each year we try to out-do the previous. It’s a right of passage for us. I like to think of this one for my brother as being his first on the scene, It is after all his 16th – the start of the big ones!

I was curious as to how he would do, whether he would pull it off…

I needn’t have worried.

My family are known as ‘The Tribe’, I haven’t the foggiest idea why.

There are three things guaranteed at a Matthews party.

The speech from my Father (if they’re under age) something along the lines of  “hand over your alcohol, cigarettes and if anyone has any form of drug, be afraid.”


Done properly, cooked on top of a split metal barrel, obviously.

And really good booze (for those over 18)





Of course, then there’s the venue. It has to match the theme.

Yes, that is a jungle in the middle of a marquee.






My brother found his own tribe…




And then the sun went down, the stars came out and the camera and I somehow got separated.