Khaki in Autumn

I quite like the cold, crisp mornings with the beautiful blue skies and the colour palette that comes with the promise of autumn and the warmth it brings.

Afternoon Tea at The Berkeley with Comfort

Since taking an interest in fashion at around 7, I’ve known the power an outfit can have on your mood, so have consistently dressed to feel more confident.

Courgette Cake – Trust Me!

Don’t be put off by the fact that this is courgette, just think of a carrot cake, but better!

Brunch at Chotto Matte

Chotto Matte have just launched a cocktail brunch menu, so Ben and I thought we would head down to see if it was worth the hype!

Pennyhill Park Spa

Pennyhill Park isn’t much of a secret at the moment. The house stands majestically wrapped in green and red ivy like an early Christmas present.

The Wallace Collection

I would have never known about the Wallace Collection if we hadn’t stumbled upon it, but I know it’s not going to stay a secret for much longer!

Perfume at Somerset House

Perfume at Somerset House is a brief history of perfume through the ages – an incredible experience that puts you sense of scents to the test.