Park Picnics with Perrier

Summer, to me, is not complete without a picnic, something that Perrier understands too and it’s official, British summer is here!

A City Break in Dublin

As we waltzed through the lobby and The Gallery, you can’t help but get the beautiful fragrance of the many fresh flowers throughout The Westbury.

Uncovering Austria – Innsbruck

If Graz and Salzburg were beautiful and quaint, the way I would describe Innsbruck is imposing. Sandwiched between snow-capped mountains, it moves fast.

Uncovering Austria – Salzburg

You can’t help but want to wear floaty dresses and sing renditions of ‘The Hills Are Alive’ with outstretched arms while you run through beautiful gardens in Salzburg.

Uncovering Austria – Graz

Our first stop on our Austrian Adventure and a good place to start; the pace of London a distant memory as the sleepy atmosphere in Graz took over us.