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Your smile is often always the first thing I notice about others, and besides having a genuine one, it helps when it’s filled with pearly whites.

St Lucia Outfit Diaries

I planned my St Lucia outfits meticulously to match the Caribbean scenery and tropical climate. Without further ado, I present my St Lucia Outfit Diaries.

The Grand Finale, Marigot Bay, St Lucia

We almost gave up on the sunset, but as the sun dunked into the sea, the most vibrant red leapt up from the wake of the splash in strips across the sky.

Pigeon Island and Castries Market, St Lucia

The morning promised to be a grey and windy one, so we decided on a day away from the beach and up to Pigeon Island, just a short walk from Sandals Grande.

Pirates & Fishermen in the Caribbean, St Lucia

We woke up in the fabulously squishy bed, made cups of tea and coffee, dragged the pillows and duvet out into the hammock and watched the morning sunrise.