Angel to Cafe Kick

Eve, Tom, The Gentleman and I had a quick change and a few drinks, before we were off again into the sunset to meet friends.

Tonight was an important one.

We were suited and booted to see our amazing friend JJ; in his debut acting performance, on stage in Above Romance

I wore my favourite Kelly Brook shoes, new skirt from Missguided, top from River Island and stack bracelets from Stella and Dot. I’ve linked up the pieces below and a few additional items you might like! 

We all hopped on the tube to arrive into Islington, before walking the short distance to Exmouth Market and collapsing in a hungry/thirsty heap at Cafe Kick. Cocktails were quickly pressed into our hands to revive us, and we soon found a perfect spot on the street outside in the last of the days’ sunshine. 

The cocktails kept flowing rather nicely as we’d managed to arrive for the happiest of hours (between 4pm and 7pm in case you’re wondering!)

Cafe Kick is really cool, it’s been there since 1997 and still has a lot of the original furniture from back then. A huge mash up of upcycled furniture, vintage classroom chairs and football memorabilia. The walls are covered in banknotes from all over the world; donated by customers that have stopped by over the years, from different corners of the earth.  

The Gentleman and Tom worked up an appetite on the table football, becoming increasingly competitive to the point that I thought it was best to retreat back outside to join Lawson and Eve with the drinks

They soon rejoined the table, after our hilarious company become too much for them to keep away from. 

The only distraction from our conversation and laughter was the food, that suddenly appeared before us. My favourite; Tapas. Tom had ordered to surprise us all and it was delicious. I stole the camera back from Lawson to grab a few snaps before eager hands snatched away at the beautiful food. 

The food was demolished in record timing and a few more cocktails were ordered, promptly after, to wash it down. 

Realising the time, we all popped into taxis to take us to Hackney where JJ was to be making his debut. We separated as we got to the theatre, taking our respective seats and admiring the intricate detailing to the ceiling, boxes and chairs with (yet another) round of cocktails. 

The lights dimmed, laughing and shouting became whispers, and the show started. It was a brilliant romantic comedy and we were all so proud of JJ, who did amazingly. Unfortunately Above Romance was a one off performance, so you can’t go and see it, but JJ has loads of exciting things happening in the near future so you may want to go and give him a follow on Twitter

I truly do have a very talented bunch of friends!